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  • Revolution EHR

    • The Electronic Health Record, the most fundamental element of your patient care.

  • ClearPath DS Diabetic Eye test

    • New technology is now available to detect, evaluate and monitor your risk factors for diabetes. This unit detects autofluorescence on the lens of the eye as a non-invasive glucose monitor. This will help your doctor to determine the most accurate assessment of your health.

  • Optomap

    • Combining your eye doctor’s expertise and optomap technology, the optomap brings your eye exam to life with an ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system to help you and your eye doctor make informed decisions about your eye health and overall well-being. 

  • Heidelberg HRT

    • The Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph II (HRT II) is an instrument used to diagnose and monitor changes related to Glaucoma. The HRT II uses a Confocal Scanning Laser to produce three-dimensional images of the optic nerve. It also produces a set of precise numerical measurements that can be used to document glaucoma-related optic nerve status and changes.

  • Octopus Visual Field

    • Designed around the patented INTERZEAG direct projection system the OCTOPUS sets the trend in perimetry for the next decade. Ideal for routine screening and threshold examinations.  This tool helps us determine any loss in function in your vision.

  • Hard Contact Lens Modifying Unit

    • Allows for many adjustments to custom RGP contact Lenses

    • Allows for cleaning and polishing of any RGP material

    • The convenience of in office lens changes to increase comfort


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