Concussion is a common problem in everyday life. From s sports injury, motor vehicle accident, military service or even a simple slip and fall can result in a concussion. For many years, doctors failed to diagnose a concussion after a mild bump on the head. MRI studies are other normal and patents were advised to “shake it off” and move on. Today, we realize that even a minor head injury can result in a concussion and that disability from a concussion is cumulative. We have also define the Post Concussion Syndrome that includes a host of vision and eye related problems that makes reading and close work uncomfortable or impossible.

The Doctors at Great Valley Eye Associates, long the leaders in vision rehabilitation, have now helped develop a comprehensive program to help concussion patients with vision symptoms. With the In-Pateint service hubbed at Magee Rehab and the Out-Patient program at the Drexel Hill location, the Great Valley Eye Associates team will work to expand the program at all locations.

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